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Community Gardens Volunteer Coordinator

We are pleased to be able to offer this meaningful part-time position that is ideal for someone who works well independently and collaboratively with a passion for edibles, community gardening and volunteer coordination.

Job Title:                    Community Gardens Coordinator


  • Ensures that the Wark St. Commons, People's Apothecary and (future) Quadra Village Allotment gardens are well maintained and functional through a collective volunteer and community wide effort.
  • Strategically pursues opportunities to increase the number and quality of opportunities for neighbourhood and nearby residents to grow edibles.

Key Duties:

  • Maintains the volunteer program through recruiting, interviewing, selecting, scheduling and supervising volunteers
  • Identifies volunteer staffing needs of the Wark St, People's Apothecary and any additional approved neighbourhood alloment/edibles gardens. Facilitates recruitment based on these needs
  • Orients, trains and develops volunteers in the program. Ensures that this includes an understanding of the Wark St/People's Apothecary and any new edibles/allotment gardens, QVCC/DBAC organization, and the role and responsibilities of volunteers
  • Teaches and demonstrates organic horticulture, permaculture and other useful gardening skills to volunteers and, where practical, the wider neighbourhood.
  • Works alongside volunteers and utilizes teaching techniques which include modeling, observing, questioning, demonstrating and reinforcing
  • Evaluates the volunteers and the program, and implements necessary improvements following consultation with the Executive Director. Assesses each volunteer's abilities and ensures that appropriate and meaningful placement of volunteers is achieved
  • Writes the volunteer job descriptions for garden volunteers based on identified roles
  • In consultation with QVCC’s volunteer coordinator develops, administers and reviews goals, policies and procedures which guide the volunteer programs and services, and reflects the mission and overall values of the organization
  • Implements appropriate standards for the volunteer program and implements accordingly
  • Supports senior volunteers to work effectively with volunteers
  • Supports and participates in volunteer recognition programs and special events in conjunction with the QVCC Volunteer Coordinator
  • Builds individual and community capacity through volunteer experience
  • Maintains any necessary budgets required for the community garden program or assigned events
  • Sets fundraising and grant writing goals based on the needs of the Wark St, People's Apothecary and other neighbourhood alootment/edibles gardens and completes tasks such as seeking donations, writing grants and maintaining relationships with donors to help the garden succeed
  • Networks and advertises to make the general public, QVCC and community groups (including businesses) aware of the function, role and ways to support/be involved in the Wark St, People's Apothecary and other neighbourhood allotment/edibles gardens.
  • Outreach with neighbourhood residents and building relationships with volunteers
  • Ensures volunteers complete tasks as necessary for the Wark St, People's Apothecary and other neighbourhood allotment/edibles gardens and (as a last resort) implements the program when volunteers are not available or fully capable
  • Responds to general inquiries by phone, email and in person, regarding Wark St, People's Apothecary and other neighbourhood allotment/edibles gardens
  • To be familiar with and implement Quadra Village Community Centre's policies, procedures and practices as they relate to the Wark St, People's Apothecary and other neighbourhood edibles gardens and being an employee of QVCC/DBAC
  • Maintains accurate records and provides regular verbal and written activity and statistical reports on volunteer participation
  • Performs other related duties when required and approved by the Administrative Coordinator or Executive Director


  • Demonstrated ability to effectively community orally and in writing
  • Demonstrated ability in, and sensitivity and commitment to working with diverse populations
  • Capable of working independently
  • Able to create innovative solutions

Education and Experience:

  • Post secondary education in a relevant discipline such as Volunteer Management, Human Services, Community Development, Adult Education or Horticulture.  Equivalencies will be considered.
  • Established experience coordinating volunteers, gardens or programs
  • Strong organic horticulture and knowledge base about suitable edibles for urban neighbourhood gardens.

Desirable Attributes and Skills:

  • Proficient in basic computer applications such as word processing, spreadsheets and internet usage
  • Record keeping skills (for reporting, human resources and marketing)
  • Strong organization and planning skills

Time Commitment:

Average of 6 to 8.25 hours per week, flexibly scheduled but based on the needs of volunteers, work party scheduling, timing of potential volunteer recruitment opportunities, the availability of potential allies and the timing of important community building events like Quadra Village Day and volunteer recognition events at QVCC . The outgoing Coordinator will job share this postion until further notice to a maximum average of 2.25 hours a week (6 to 8.25 hours a week being completed by the new Coordinator).

Salary:  $20 per hour

Closing Date: Applications are due May 14, 2020.  Please apply to .